Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

The oral presentation language can be Italian or, for foreign speakers, English. However, Italian speakers are suggested to prepare the slides in English, to facilitate foreign participants.
Oral presentations will be scheduled according to the final program defined by the Scientific Committee.

The duration of each oral presentation should be 12 minutes, 10 minutes to present and 2 minutes for questions and answers. Moderators will keep track of the presentation time to guarantee the correct obervance of the scheduling.
The Slide Centre will be open every morning from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM, during coffee breaks and buffet lunches, and during the poster session presentations.
All the speakers invited to present their works in the first morning session (starting at 9:45 AM) must deliver their presentation slides the day before the speech.

Poster presentations

Posters should be exposed on the scheduled day before 2:00 PM, in the slot reporting the assigned identification code.
Clinical posters will be presented on Thursday 6th October and methodological posters on Friday 7th October, from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.
During the poster sessions, moderators will accompany a commission for a brief presentation of the posters (1 minute to present and 1 minute for questions and answers).
Clinical posters should be exposed before 2:00 PM on Thursday and removed before 12:00 PM on Friday.
Methodological posters should be exposed on before 2:00 PM on Friday and removed before 1:00 PM on Saturday.
The organising committee will assume no responsability for the posters that will not be removed in time.

No "Poster Panic Session" is foreseen.

Guidelines for poster preparation

The poster should be readable at a distance of approximately 2 m and the name of presenting author must be underlined. It is suggested to write the poster in English, to facilitate foreign participants.
The poster should be organised in the following sections: Title, Name and affiliation of authors (including the email of a corresponding author), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and References. We invite to use a clear and synthetic style; results should be presented through graphs and/or tables.
If pictures of human subjects are present in the poster, they must be anonymized.

The maximum size of the posters is: 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height).

It is suggested to bring print copies of the poster in A4 format for any interested participant.

The Organising Committee is available for any clarification.

Key dates

February 2016: call for abstracts
30 May 2016: deadline for abstract submission
30 June 2016: notification of acceptance
31 July 2016: early registration deadline

5 - 8 October 2016: Congress

Organising Secretariat

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