Abstract submission

Guidelines for abstract preparation

Abstracts in all areas of clinical movement analysis are welcome and must be submitted online, with the procedure hereafter described, within 30 May 2016.

The Scientific Committee will select, based on a competitive peer-review process, the abstracts to be included in the scientific program and their presentation modality (oral or poster). Abstracts must be written in Word format and sent in two copies: one in English and one, possibly, in Italian.
Authors are responsible for the content and the quality of the abstract. No editing work will be done by the Scientific Committee on the abstract's text. A selection of the abstracts, based on quality, will be published on a special issue of Gait and Posture Journal.

For abstract preparation, please use the template provided, with no modification on page dimensions and margins, and following the instructions contained therein.

Download the abstract template here

Please name the files in the following way: "surname_nameinitial_N_ITA.doc" and "surname_nameinitial_N_ENG.doc", where N stands for a progressive number if more than one abstract is submitted by the same author. Only doc or docx format are allowed.

In the Abstract Submission Form, authors must specify the proposed presentation modality (oral or poster). The final decision regarding the presentation modality, however, will be taken by the Scientific Committee.
Moreover, it must be indicated the name of the author who, in case of acceptance, will present the paper at the conference. Authors may also indicate the awards they want to compete, if any. In this case the Committee will verify the specific conditions required to participate.

We remember that the submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author to present the paper at the Congress, if accepted.
The procedure of abstract submission will be successfully completed only if the system will produce a receipt of "Abstract submitted" containing the correct data. Keep the receipt as reference for future communications. In case of any difficult, please contact the Organising Secreteriat or email to siamoc2016@dongnocchi.it.
A notification about the acceptance of the abstract has been sent to the email address indicated in the form. In case you have not received this notification, please contact the Organising Secretariat, sending copy of the receipt of abstract submitted.


Key dates

February 2016: call for abstracts
30 May 2016: deadline for abstract submission
30 June 2016: notification of acceptance
31 July 2016: early registration deadline

5 - 8 October 2016: Congress

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